People often ask us how their donations are invested into the community by United Way. Simply put we invest in people.

When you give to United Way you’re investing in the well being of your community.

As one of our donors who give in their workplace or individually, you are part of a movement to help youth transition into adulthood, provide skills training to individuals looking for employment and assist seniors to connect with their community.

Your donation not only helps meet the immediate needs of today, it helps address the root causes of the social issues facing our region. Issues like: child poverty, family violence and social isolation among our seniors.

Your gift extends to build partnerships with business, labour, government and other non-profits to find innovative solutions and create a strong and caring community for all.

Your contribution supports research with leading organizations to help build awareness and improve policies that remove barriers for people who are working hard to create a better live for themselves.

Our new video illustrates your donation at work:

Artist: Bronwyn McMillin
Videographer: Shiraz Higgins