We fund programs and services that:

  • Support individuals to be strong parents
  • Ensure children are ready for school
  • Build positive role models and mentoring for children and youth
  • Support youth to stay in school and transition to a meaningful work life


Our Investments

United Way invested $990,600 in 2016 to support children and youth in our community to grow up healthy and achieve success.

Thanks to the impactful work of our community partners, here are some examples of the life changing results we achieved together:

  • 11,199 Kids increased their positive sense of identity and were encouraged to make healthy lifestyle choices.

  • 3,849  Youth received the support they needed to succeed in school and develop key life skills.

  • 3,115 Children and youth developed and expanded positive relationships with their peers.

What We Know


Growing up can be tough. Not every parent has access to the essential building blocks to raise a healthy child. Too often preschoolers are not ready to learn and children don’t have a safe place to go after school. Alarming numbers of young people are not completing high school and are experiencing unemployment.

What We Do


To help children and youth get on the right path to succeed in life by investing in their development from early childhood to young adulthood.

How We Do It


United Way works to ensure that every infant grows into a healthy child; every child has the support he or she needs to do well in school; and every young person makes a successful transition into post secondary or the workforce.

A place to find comfort

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