The United Way Labour Partnership

Greater Victoria shares a vision of community building where unions, employers, government and the volunteer sector work together. Over 25 years ago, a partnership was formalized between the Canadian Labour, the Victoria Labour Council and United Way Greater Victoria. As a result of the partnership, the following three areas have been identified as priorities: Union Counselling Program, Philanthropy and Labour.

Locally, both Labour and United Way have identified the natural affinity that exists between them, and are seizing the opportunity to build stronger, healthier communities. The partnership allows the Union movement and United Way to work on shaping policies, services and programs that build communities.

Union Counselling Program

The flagship program of the national partnership is Union Counselling (UC). UC is a program that works through the union in the workplace and the community. Union Counsellors work as information or referral agents, peer supporters, workplace change agents and community resources volunteers. It is a union-based program operated by the union in the workplace, by workers for workers.

Union Counsellors are specially trained through the UC course and are appointed to this role by their union. They are trained to provide peer support to help co-workers with problems of personal impact and when necessary, to refer them to appropriate services in the community.