Legacy Gifts

(Click here to see our booklet on charitable gift planning)

The need for social services in our community will continue well into the future, and United Way will be here. You can help us meet crucial future needs through a legacy gift.

Legacy gifts are donations planned and committed now that take effect in the future, and can include a bequest in your will, life insurance or a charitable trust. Legacy gifts enable you to make a significant future gift with substantial impact for the community, with little or no effect on your current finances.

Please consider letting us know if you are planning or have already made a legacy gift to support the work of United Way. Those with such a gift are considered members of our Legacy Circle with recognition optional and tailored to their individual wishes.

There are several ways you can include United Way Greater of Victoria in your legacy planning:


(Click here to see our booklet on remembering United Way in your will)

A bequest in your will can include a specific amount or item, or a specified portion of the residual amount left in a will (after other specified amounts have been paid out). A bequest may include a gift of cash, shares/securities, RRSPs/RIFs, real estate, or other property. Here is sample wording for a bequest:

“I give and bequeath to United Way of Greater Victoria, currently located at 201-633 Courtney Street, Victoria, BC, V8W 1B9 (Charitable Business Number 119278224RR0001),

(include one of the following)

the sum of $______or___ % or portion of the residue of my estate

or (specify an item, investment, gift of securities, real estate or insurance policy) for its general purposes or to be applied as its Directors see fit.”

Life Insurance

(Click here to see our booklet on donating with life insurance)

For a modest, regular premium payment, a donor can make a significant future gift by naming United Way as beneficiary or owner of a life insurance policy. Premium payments can be tax deductible if United Way is named as the policy owner. Some donors may also consider transferring an existing policy to United Way, often resulting in a tax advantage to the donor.

Charitable Trusts

Through a Charitable Remainder Trust, donors with income-generating assets can commit to donating these to United Way for the future, and continue to receive the income from them. With a Gift of Residual Interest, a donor can commit a future gift of property to United Way, while continuing to enjoy the use of the property. As both of these types of donations are irrevocable, donors are entitled to receive tax receipts.

If you would like to donate a specific item, investment or gift of property or, if you wish to have your bequest support one of the priority areas United Way funds, please contact Peter Brimacombe, Legacy Giving Senior Advisor at (250) 220-7379 or peter@uwgv.ca.