Complex issues require coordinated pathways to meaningful change. Each year, United Way Greater Victoria is entrusted with significant donations by generous individuals, companies and foundations. These philanthropists can trust that their caring and thoughtful contributions will help more people achieve independence by making measurable changes to address those needs. One gift can be channeled to a network of services or to a program that aligns with your values.

We will listen to what matters most to you and help you make a difference in the lives of your neighbours, or people you may never meet who need a helping hand. We know the community and can serve as your social impact advisor, provide reports back, and introduce you to other community leaders.

In addition to donations of cash or by cheque, major gifts may also include donations of publicly-traded securities, retirement funds, gifts with annuities, real estate, and/or other items or property. Our generous major gift donors are recognized annually in a variety of ways, or may choose to be anonymous.

For information or to arrange a private meeting to discuss your major gift, please contact Marg Rose, Director of Philanthropy at (250) 220-7365 or