Imagine being an orphan at 85. For many seniors, as close friends pass away and connections dwindle, this becomes a reality. With no one left to chat with, confide in, or turn to for support, ‘elder orphans’ face a lonely existence at an age when community is especially crucial to their well-being.

james bay new horizonJames Bay New Horizon’s Sunday Dinner program offers friendship, care, a warm meal, and a welcoming atmosphere to lonely seniors in our city. Margaret T, a new attendee at the Sunday evening dinner stated it well when she said: “as many people are reluctant to say they are lonely, they become invisible. This is a valuable opportunity to come and meet others in the same situation and help seniors become connected in their community.”

Sometimes a simple “how are you doing” can make all of the difference to an elder orphan struggling to establish a new network of support and social interaction in their community.

Thanks to United Way funding and donor, Bev King, James Bay New Horizons is able to make Sundays a lot less lonely for Victoria seniors; and that’s something to celebrate!

This program is part of a network of services working with United Way to build a strong and caring community for all. Thank you for your work!