We fund programs and services that:

  • Offer safe and stable housing
  • Increase access to nutritious food
  • Provide financial literacy support
  • Offer employment training and skills development

Our Investments

United Way invested $775,710 in 2016 to help individuals and families in our community build pathways out of poverty.

Thanks to the impactful work of our community partners, here are some examples of the life changing results we achieved together:

  • 51,842 Individuals and families gained access to fresh, nutritious, and affordable food.
  • 6,959 Individuals found meaningful jobs, better managed expenses and supported their families.
  • 946 Individuals and families acquired an affordable, safe, and permanent place to live.



What We Know


BC has one of the highest poverty rates in the country and its under-six poverty rate has been higher than the national rate since 2002. Employment opportunities are limited and the cost of living continues to rise. Too many people are struggling to make ends meet and for others basic needs are beyond their reach.

What We Do


To support people living in poverty by providing resources and opportunities for them to build better their lives and become more self-sufficient.

How We Do It


United Way believes that poverty can be alleviated. The journey towards self-sufficiency starts with a network of essential programs. Whether it’s helping people off the street find housing, providing job training or creating financial security, United Way funded programs provide a ‘hand up’ to people who are moving towards independence.

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