Your commitment can make a difference today for individuals and for generations to come. Your gift, big or small, can create change.

Every year, generous donors throughout Greater Victoria join our efforts in building a strong and caring community. The reasons for giving to United Way are vast: we are a leader in the social service sector a fundraiser and community funder. We aim to address the immediate needs of the community on an annual basis, while creating long-term strategies to target the root causes of social issues facing our region.

We unite community partners, volunteers, donors, business, labour and government in a common cause of caring. Whether you’re giving through a workplace through payroll deductions, giving a gift directly, contributing a major gift or planned gift, you’ll see the positive change you’re helping make — wherever you live in Greater Victoria.

EVERY DAY HERO $1 a day/$365 yr

  • Art supplies, books and food for youth at weekly counseling sessions for 6 months.
  • Warm socks and hygiene supplies for homeless youth.
  • Two support workshops for hearing parents of deaf children.

$5 A WEEK/$260 YR

  • A safe place for youth to attend an evening drop-in program for a week.
  • Four trauma counseling session for low-income individuals.
  • Ten weeks of financial literacy training for a woman who has experienced domestic violence.

$10 A WEEK/$520 YR

  • One week of autism summer day camp for one child.
  • Kitchen supplies for 15 single moms to cook healthy meals for their families.
  • Transportation for seniors to be able to leave the isolation of their homes to attend a weekly social program.

$25 A WEEK/$1,200 YR

  • Mentorship and support for 3 children for a year.
  • Job search assistance support for more than 1,000 people.
  • Program funding to help 8 youth with mental health issues improve their coping and social skills.