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Making Greater Victoria a better place for everyone.

Changes lives, every day.

When people are at their best—physically, mentally, and emotionally—something powerful happens.

They no longer live in survival mode, figuring out how to get through the day, the week, or the month. Their lives aren’t confined to the limited opportunities surrounding them—rather, they’re searching for new ones.

They’re in a better position to make more positive choices, to offer support to those around them, and ultimately to make their neighbourhoods richer and more rewarding places to live. And when that happens—when that goodness spreads—entire communities can benefit: in health, happiness, and success.

Our work is fueled by dedicated team members, passionate volunteers, generous donors, caring businesses, and hardworking community partners.

From our Board of Directors to our Workplace Cabinet and Leaders Committee, from our CEO to our team members, from our donors and sponsors to our community funded partners, we bring together people who share a common set of values and a common goal: to make a real and meaningful difference in Greater Victoria.

Message from our CEO
Mark Breslauer

Find out what motivates United Way Greater Victoria CEO, Mark Breslauer, to make a difference in the community.

For 82 years, United Way has been at the forefront of challenges impacting the Greater Victoria community. We work collaboratively to respond to both long-term social issues and emerging needs. We aspire to have a strong and inclusive community for all.

You are all integral to this aspiration. It is through your support, individual and corporate, that United Way is able to assume leadership through progressive thinking and action. We fund a network of programs and services to help people in need when they need it.

We accomplish this by immersing in our community, understanding issues and staying abreast of trends and opportunities that will make a positive impact. By collaborating with social service agencies, businesses, government, unions and universities, we tackle #UNIGNORABLE social issues affecting the community.

Because of the generosity of people like you, last year United Way made a direct positive impact on over 80,000 people. Consider the single mother who was paired with a mentor to help her develop parenting and life skills so that her children could receive a great start in life; or how we helped an isolated senior get out to socialize and access nutritious food at a community Sunday dinner; or our help of young people navigating their way through the current opioid crisis by funding programs that work in prevention, intervention and recovery.

Making a significant and positive impact on some of these community challenges might seem as daunting or improbable, but I believe “yes, we can!”

At the heart of a strong and healthy community are people who care for those around them. I am proud that Greater Victoria is that kind of community, and that you have all chosen to support us in our work.

None of the work we do would be possible without you.

My sincerest thanks.