Aon sponsors the National Philanthropy Day United Way Greater Victoria “Generosity of Spirit Award” in 2014

Aon Victoria has been a consistent and generous supporter of United Way. For thirty years, Aon has achieved gold awards for their outstanding workplace campaigns. During that time, total employee giving has exceeded $106,580 and the corporation has donated an additional $72,747. As Aon President and CEO, Greg Case says: “We help make it easy for clients and colleagues to give and volunteer. And we invest in diversity programs to ensure Aon promotes a welcoming, open culture with diversity in thought and style.”

Sponsorship of United Way’s Generosity of Spirit Award is a demonstration of that generous corporate culture.

United Way presents the Generosity of Spirit Award at this year’s National Philanthropy Day celebration November 18th. The prestigious award “recognizes a family or an individual with a proven record of exceptional generosity who, through direct financial support, has demonstrated outstanding civic and charitable responsibility and whose generosity encourages others to take philanthropic leadership progress roles in the community.” Andrew Beckerman and Ed Chwyl are the 2014 nominees in this category.

As the largest insurance broker in Canada and the world, Aon’s Private Risk Management division insures more affluent individuals than any other broker.  They have local expertise in high-valued homes, collections and yachts, with representatives in Victoria and across the globe. Aon ensures the best personal risk solutions, as well as advisors and advocates available to you.

We are pleased and delighted that Aon saw and acted upon a wonderful opportunity to come aboard as sponsor of this award on our behalf so that donor dollars can remain supporting community.

Our sincere thanks to Aon!