We at Berwick Retirement Communities are pleased to sponsor the Red Feather ReceptionĀ at which the United Way honours the loyalty and commitment of donors and volunteers who have supported their work for 25 years or more.

Our two organizations share similar values and guiding principles in the effort to build stronger communities.

The United Way encourages us to become Agents of Change by supporting their programs, three of which have had a significant impact:

All That Kids Can Be helps children and youth, many living in poverty, to achieve their goals and a successful transition to adulthood.

From Poverty to Possibility helps people to become more self-sufficient with access to healthy food and affordable housing.

Building Strong Communities supports programs that enhance life skills, and address mental health and addictions.

We at Berwick became Agents of Change when, 25 years ago, we embarked on a plan to greatly enhance the quality of life for seniors in need of various forms of support (including but not limited to health issues) that would result in a continued and stronger connection to their communities.

Many of our residents are or have become philanthropists and this has established a strong relationship between the United Way and the residents, employees and local ownership of the Berwick organization.

Thank you all for your contributions of funds and volunteer time to support the worthy and successful programs of the United Way.

Gordon Denford
CEO of Berwick Retirement Communities

2015 Red Feather Reception
Tuesday June 23, 2015
2:45 pm – 4:30 pm
Government House, 1401 Rockland Avenue