Bell Let’s Talk Day is January 27th. Join us in fighting the stigma surrounding mental health – let’s talk!

United Way is working with a number of partners across the CRD to support people living with mental illness.  In honour of Bell Let’s Talk Day, we want to highlight two programs that are working hard to change lives.

Need 2’s Youth Suicide Prevention Program connects with youth and young adults in the classroom and online.  Suicide remains the second leading cause of death among the 12-24 age group. It is estimated that in the CRD over 1,900 young people attempt suicide each year.  Need 2 provides suicide awareness education, emotional support and crisis intervention to youth in the region.  The youth suicide prevention program mitigates risk by getting thousands of youth help in a timely manner and provides positive information and tools to enhance overall resilience and coping skills.

BC Schizophrenia Society’s Peer Support Program provides people living with schizophrenia recovery and re-lapse prevention support. The program works with mental health experts and peer leaders to support and build the skills of participants while empowering them to live successfully with schizophrenia.  It is part of the Society’s philosophy that as people are more empowered in recovery, they will seek other goals related to recovery such as volunteerism, education and employment.  The Peer Support Program is helping people develop hope and self awareness so that they can feel strong, healthy and become connected members of community.

On January 27th, let’s break the silence and start talking!