UWGV Community Investment

United Way Greater Victoria’s (UWGV) mission is to improve lives and build community by engaging individuals and mobilizing collective action. Since 1937, we have invested over $165 million to support a strong network of programs and services in our community in three priority areas:

In 2017, UWGV undertook a community consultation process that focused on the current and emerging needs facing the human and social services in the CRD. In response to the feedback and input on our funding priorities and processes, UWGV updated our Community Investment Framework and Guidelines.

As a multi-year funder, UWGV supports a broad array of high quality programs/projects, services and initiatives across the Capital Regional District (CRD) that reach and serve our most vulnerable populations. For 2018 to 2021, the following three funding streams support programs/projects and services that address immediate needs and underlying causes of our community’s most pressing social challenges through multi-year funding, organization and sector capacity building, and collective impact.

UWGV would like to extend a thank you to our many volunteers who assist with our funding review process (How We Fund). Each year, over 25 peers, community leaders from the non-profit, academic, government and local business sectors, and persons with lived experience share their knowledge and insight aligned with each priority area and offer their time to review grant applications, sit on review panels and committees, and provide insight into the gaps and needs within the community in order to help us make the most informed funding decisions.

If you have any questions, please contact us at ci.fund@uwgv.ca

Our Funding Streams:

Funding Stream #1: Established Program and Project Based Services


Provides three-year funding for high impact programs and services that focus on intervention and/or prevention services in alignment with UWGV’s Community Investment Framework.

Funding Stream #2: Organization/Sector Effectiveness and Capacity Building


Funding is available to eligible organizations for: Capacity Building, Temporary Core Administration, Program Research/Evaluation, Program/Project Accessibility, or for Community/Neighbourhood Initiatives.

Funding Stream #3: Collective Impact, Collaboration and Innovation


UWGV is looking to partner with the community on strategic collaborations and initiatives that create systemic change and collective impact leading to social progress. Initiatives may include: Community Collaborations and Partnerships (not a program or service), System and Policy Initiatives, Pilot Projects, Emerging Needs/ Community Emergencies.

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