Gulf Island National Park Reserve of Canada is a small but mighty staff.  Having been long time supporters of United Way, this year they achieved 100% participation in their annual workplace campaign.  Few workplaces ever achieve this level of success.

It didn’t come easy; it took careful planning and skillful execution.  With employees out of the office everyday on the waters, protecting our parks – the key was customization.  A short, easy and fun campaign is what encouraged all 15 staff members to get involved and donate.

Employee Campaign Chair, Suzanne Viav played a key role in organizing the 2015 campaign.  When asked about Park Canada’s successful campaign, she says: “[We] work with the public, we work with people and we are people so we know that it makes a difference.”

At United Way, we are so happy when workplace donors can connect to the work they are supporting in the community.  The investments the donors made at Parks Canada will change lives.

To the donors at Gulf Islands National Park Reserve of Canada, thank you!