The Gift of a Lifetime

Recent studies show that selfless giving  may contribute to good health and longevity.
Jim Warr personifies this.

At 95 years of age he still enjoys good health, and world travel.
A positive thinker, he feels he’s been fortunate in life, and it is a duty and a privilege to help others. This will continue even after he’s gone, thanks to Jim naming United Way in his will.

Born on a snowy April day in southern Alberta, Jim remembers the challenges people faced during the Great Depression. Times were tight,  but he recalls a loving family and strong ties to the community.

Jim left Canada to serve in the army for 4 ½ years overseas during WWII. When he returned, he obtained a degree in Mechanical Engineering at UBC. For 33 years he worked in BC’s forestry industry.

Jim first learned about United Way while working as manager in the sawmill in Victoria for BC Forest Products. He says it just made so much sense to support a community-wide campaign that would benefit so many people.

In addition to regular donations each year, he was also a dedicated Board member of United Way for six years. Jim has committed a percentage of his estate in his will to United Way. When asked why, he smiled and said “Doesn’t everyone?”

It’s a good point. United Way is one of the largest non-government funders of social services in Greater Victoria. Last year more than 100,000 people were helped through the powerful network of effective programs and organizations United Way supports. “I know United Way will use my gift to help people who need it most in the community,” says Jim.

Jim’s gift in his will does not affect his current finances or jeopardize his future quality of life. It does, however, signify a giving nature and will represent the gift of a lifetime. So many in the community will benefit from his legacy.

What will your legacy be?
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