It is hard not to be enchanted by Hatley Castle or the lush gardens of Royal Roads University, but behind the scenes this bustling and lively campus is committed to making its stamp on the community.  One of the ways Royal Roads has committed to making a difference is by embracing United Way; it is one of the important ways they show the community that they care.

President and Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Allan Cahoon says: “I really believe education should be a driver in the community…and we are a caring community.”  Royal Roads Faculty Association President and incoming United Way Campaign Chair, Dr. Ken Christie echoes Dr. Cahoon’s sentiment in saying that, “we work within an empathetic organization and we share the same kinds of values [as United Way].”

Royal Roads uses all of their goodwill and commitment to the community as energy and motivation to run a fantastic workplace campaign year after year.  They have a formula that touches every single employee, giving them an opportunity to have an impact through United Way.

Their long history, dedication and enthusiasm in partnering with United Way saw Royal Roads winning the Naden Band Spirit of Excellence Award at this year’s United Way Spirit Awards.  This award is one of honour and prestige; one that we were thrilled to besiege upon them and one we know, they were honoured to receive.

Thank you to Royal Roads for all that you do for United Way and the Greater Victoria community.