Help Make Domestic Violence #UNIGNORABLE

A healthy community with meaningful individual and community participation is a safe place for everyone to live, work, play, and raise their families. But domestic violence harms our community and creates long-term repercussions for victims and families. Domestic violence negatively impacts people’s physical and mental well-being and can even push families toward poverty.


When young children are exposed to the traumatic events of domestic violence, it affects their brain development and negatively impacts their ability to learn. They are also much more likely to become abusers themselves or believe that threats and violence are a normal part of relationships. This can affect the rest of their lives, and even create a cycle of violence and poverty.

A place to all home

That’s why United Way works to end violence before it happens. United Way supports community partners that focus on promoting healthy relationships, sparking community-building initiatives, ensuring vulnerable people have access to supports and services, and helping residents talk about how to address domestic violence issues in their communities.

Programs and supports

United Way engages individuals and families before domestic violence occurs to help alleviate the need for additional intervention services, such as emergency shelters or the justice system. In partnership with other agencies, our network of services ensures people impacted by domestic violence have access to supports such as counselling, safety planning, and other community resources.


Women in BC, each year, experience relationship violence and over half (52%) of all spousal violence victims with children reported that their children witnessed the assaults.


British Columbians personally know at least one woman who has been sexually or physically assaulted.


In 2016, Victoria had the largest rate of senior victimization and domestic violence in BC.

Help solve this issue.

There are so many ways you can do local good in your community—right here, right now. Even the smallest actions have the power to change someone’s life. Doing local good is all about helping people who might be struggling. It can be as simple as smiling at a stranger, or a coordinated effort to raise money for good at your workplace. By taking action, you’re helping put an end to some of the biggest issues in Greater Victoria —including mental illness, domestic violence, and poverty. You’re showing your belief that everyone deserves to live a great life in a great place. You are a champion for your community.

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Help vulnerable individuals, families, children and youth.

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