Help Make Homelessness #UNIGNORABLE

For many people, Victoria is a wonderful place to live but for over 1,000 residents, having a roof over their head each night, or finding a permanent, safe place to call home is a constant struggle. Our community has the second highest homeless population in BC after Metro Vancouver and a ‘Point in Time Count’ (PIT) conducted on March 15, 2018 found 1,525 people experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity. In addition to those counted, many people are part of the hidden homeless – couch surfing constantly or staying in deeply unsafe situations to avoid living on the streets.


Childhood abuse, inter-generational trauma, mental health challenges, substance issues, family violence, and an experience of homelessness before the age of 18 are just some of the reasons that people may find themselves vulnerable to homelessness and without a safe place to sleep at night. Homeless youth are particularly vulnerable as many shelters do not accommodate individuals under 18.

A place to all home

United Way believes that everyone deserves to have their basic needs met and this includes adequate, appropriate, and ultimately permanent housing. Without a home base, finding work, going to school, or undertaking day to day activities can be nearly impossible. A place to call home gives people the security and confidence to get back on their feet and rejoin their community with dignity.

Programs and suppports

United Way supports programs, services, and initiatives that provide emergency shelter, youth shelter, outreach for those struggling with mental health and/or addictions challenges, and second stage housing for people who are ready to take the next step towards acquiring a permanent place to live.


The 2018 Point in Time (PIT) Count showed 1,525 persons in Victoria were experiencing homelessness.


41% of people polled in the 2018 PIT Count experienced homelessness at the age of 18 or before.


In 2014/15, 1,725 Victoria residents used emergency shelters. Of that number, 20% were Aboriginal.


79% of people surveyed in the 2018 PIT Count had been homeless for more than 6 months and 94% expressed a desire for permanent housing.

Help solve this issue.

There are so many ways you can do local good in your community—right here, right now. Even the smallest actions have the power to change someone’s life. Doing local good is all about helping people who might be struggling. It can be as simple as smiling at a stranger, or a coordinated effort to raise money for good at your workplace. By taking action, you’re helping put an end to some of the biggest issues in Greater Victoria —including mental illness, domestic violence, and poverty. You’re showing your belief that everyone deserves to live a great life in a great place. You are a champion for your community.

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Help vulnerable individuals, families, children and youth.

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