Unite to Change – United Way Sets $6 Million as 2014 Fundraising Goal.


September 17, 2014

VICTORIA, BC – Unite to Change lives and build community is the call to action for residents of Greater Victoria as United Way celebrates its 77th annual community campaign and announces $6 Million for its 2014 fundraising goal.

When you give to United Way, you support a network of services that provide a greater chance for everyone to live better lives; helping children and youth gain life skills and transition to adulthood, supporting families that are working to meet life’s challenges and connecting seniors with their community to reduce isolation.

“The need in our community is great and our mandate at United Way is two-fold – we serve the immediate needs of our most vulnerable citizens today while also focusing on the future to address the root causes of social issues and create measurable, sustainable change,” says Patricia Jelinski, CEO at United Way. “We can only do this work with the help of our many partners from business, labour, government, the non-profit sector and our generous donors and volunteers.”

While United Way serves in its dual role as a year-round fundraiser and community funder, the organization is the largest non-government funder in the region, and is honoured over 11,500 donors and 400 workplaces entrusted them with building the collective good in the social service sector.

“Understanding the issues facing our region and being the best steward of our donor dollars is of utmost importance,” says Jelinski. “We are closely connected to our community partners and our donors – monitoring our programs, identifying gaps, investing in solutions, measuring our impact and reporting back on our results.”

Linking the Unite to Change campaign theme to its funding priority areas of All that kids can be, From poverty to possibilities and Strong communities, a gift to United Way means:


Whether it’s helping people on the street find housing, providing job training or creating financial security, United Way funded programs offer opportunities for people to make better lives for themselves.

Unite to Change and build pathways out of poverty for individuals and their families.


Healthy individuals are the backbone of strong communities. When seniors have opportunities to connect with others in their neighbourhoods they are more likely to combat isolation and overcome day to day challenges. Unite to Change and ensure seniors have access to services close to home to lead healthier more fulfilling lives.


United Way works to ensure that every infant grows into a healthy child; every child has the support he or she needs to do well in life; and every young person makes a successful transition into post secondary and the workforce. Unite to Change and help children gain valuable life skills to become strong adults.

Every dollar makes a difference at United Way and here’s what a contribution can do to change lives:

  • For a dollar a day you can provide warm socks and hygiene supplies for homeless youth.
  • For $5 a week you can support 10 weeks of financial literacy training for a woman who has experienced domestic violence.
  • For $10 a week you can provide transportation for isolated seniors to participate in a weekly social program.
  • For $25 a week you can provide a mentorship and support program for three children for a year.

Donations to United Way’s community campaign are accepted at workplaces, United Way’s office at 1144 Fort Street, via phone 250-385-6708 or online at uwgv.ca.

United Way would like to thank Victoria Labour Council for sponsoring the 2014 community campaign kick-off at Centennial Square. Unite to Change.


For more information, please contact:

Heather Skydt, Director Marketing and Communications
United Way
Work:(250) 984-2269
Email: heather.skydt@uwgv.ca

Patricia Jelinski, CEO United Way
Work:(250) 220-7364
Cell:(250) 217-8698
Email: patricia.jelinski@uwgv.ca

BACKGROUND: United Way is a year-round fundraiser and community funder working to address the immediate needs of our most vulnerable citizens, while also creating long-term strategies to target the root causes of social issues. We have a strong history in Greater Victoria – over 77 years and $144 million dollars raised. As the region’s largest non-government funder we are one of the few organizations to provide multi-year funding to ensure we support a strong and stable network of services. We work collaboratively, in a “united way” bringing business, labour, government, the non-profit sector and donors together to unite for change and to build a strong and caring community.

In 2013, together with over 11,500 donors and 400 workplaces, United Way funded a network of over 90 programs and services within three priority areas:

  • All that Kids Can Be: Over 8,000 children and youth accessed 41 programs to better prepare themselves for school and a successful transition to adulthood and the workforce.
  • From Poverty to Possibilities: Over 15,000 individuals and 5,000 families accessed 24 programs to become more self-sufficient, find healthy food, affordable housing and sustainable employment – all strategies to find pathways out of poverty.
  • Strong Communities: Over 24,000 individuals and 2,000 families accessed 36 programs to enhance their life skills, address mental health and addictions, and provide opportunities to connect with others.