United Way Greater Victoria is accepting applications for their 2016 funding cycle.

Priority Areas for Granting for 2016

United Way Greater Victoria follows the national strategy for supporting vulnerable populations in three priority areas:

·  All that Kids can Be

· From Poverty to Possibility

· Strong Communities

United Way invites registered charities in good standing in the Capital Regional District to submit grant applications for community investment targeting programs and services in the following areas:

Isolated and low-income seniors

*Research shows that 35% of senior renters live on household income of $20,000 or less in BC, and 26% of them live alone. In this granting cycle, United Way encourages applications for programs and services aimed at preventing and improving isolation of seniors and to assist seniors dealing with poverty.

Aboriginal children and youth educational programming

There is a significant need for programming for Aboriginal youth and children in our community and United Way remains committed to providing leadership in this area. One out of every two status First Nations children in BC live in poverty*. In this granting cycle, we encourage applications for programs and services that will support improved educational success, cultural programming and traditional knowledge transfer.

Capacity building through collaborative efforts

United Way supports and encourages collaborative efforts aimed at providing connected pathways for vulnerable people to access a coordinated range of programs. Changing lives often involves accessing multiple service providers. Working to increase capacity of individuals, families, neighbourhoods and organizations ensures that everyone in our community has access to high quality services when and where they need them and in a manner that is respectful and sensitive to individual needs.  In this granting cycle, we encourage applications for programs related to employment and skills training, counselling, outreach, promoting cultural diversity, social inclusion and building knowledge among stakeholders.

Funding Allocations

Through the 2015 funding process significant commitments were made to grants that included multi-year funding which extends to March 2018. For the new 2016 granting cycle, in addition to these multi-year commitments there will be approximately $600,000 dollars available for new community investment. Grant applications will be accepting to a maximum of:

· $40,000 per year for individual grants. This is inclusive of all program expenses and administrative costs.


· Up to $65,000 for grants that bring two or more partners together to demonstrate a collaborative approach that reduces or eliminates duplication of services or streamlines pathways to programs. This is inclusive of all program expenses and administrative costs.

Only one application per organization for individual grants will be accepted.

A collaborative application can also be submitted in addition to the one individual grant application per organization.

Grant applications will be accepted for one or two year terms.

Grants cannot exceed 30% of your organization’s total operating budget.

Funding Eligibility

To be eligible to receive funding an organization must:

· Be based and providing service within Greater Victoria (Capital Regional District);

· Operate as a federally registered charitable organization;

· Have a mission, purpose, programs or activities that align with the United Way Greater Victoria’s priority areas;

· Agree to work with United Way Greater Victoria to provide program outcome data;

· Demonstrate a willingness to support United Way’s fundraising efforts.

The funding call will close December 4, 2015 at 4:30 pm.

Grant applications are being handled online this year. If you are interested in applying, register here.

For more information or if you have questions, please email: cifund@uwgv.ca.