Successful resettlement for the Syrian refugees will include access to housing, employment, education, health care and counselling services as they become accustomed to a new culture. As part of a caring community that continually responds to assist vulnerable people, United Way Greater Victoria believes citizens in the CRD can lift these individuals and families out of despair and offer hope.

Since the federal government first announced its plan to welcome Syrian refugees, United Ways across Canada have been focused on areas where our sector must engage: resettlement, integration and inclusion. On a local scale, United Way Greater Victoria has been active in supporting charitable organizations delivering frontline services to immigrants and refugees for 30 years and will continue to support these critical services going forward. The following programs are funded by the United Way Greater Victoria:

Victoria Immigrant and Refugee Centre Society

Welcome Gardens!

This community garden project connects newcomers (immigrants and refugees) and local community members (Canadian born and local residents) to grow food in household gardens as well as to exchange horticultural knowledge and food culture. Participants self-direct their engagement and learning, determine what resources they need as individuals and as a community, and share their time, resources, expertise and knowledge with one another.

Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria

Refugee Integration in the CRD

This collaborative program works strategically across sectors to ensure that resettled refugees entering the Greater Victoria area receive streamlined services in areas such as education, housing, employment, or healthcare aimed at fast tracking their integration process and adjustment into the community.

Community Partnership Network: Education to Build Welcoming and Inclusive Communities

This program works to build the capacity of businesses, community groups and agencies to better serve immigrants. The program offers education seminars, tools, information and strategies on becoming more culturally inclusive.